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Automotive Mascots Are An Enjoyable Art Form

+-*Vintage car or automobile mascots, also called hood ornaments, are miniature sculpture which take on many different forms from the purposeful to whimsical. Read More

Top 5 Budget Saving DIY Home Decor Items

+-*Here are five home decor items where you can easily get away with saving money and it doesn’t look like you cheaped out. Read More

Top 10 Supercars From 2015 Cavallino Classic

+-*The Cavallino Classic is primarily a Ferrari event with rare vintage cars taking center stage, but modern supercars blast around getting plenty of attention. Read More

Dazzling Sea Glass Mosaics From New Ravenna

+-*The new Sea Glass™ collection of mosaic tile designs from New Ravenna Mosaics incorporates blues from the sea to the sky, perfect for home interiors. Read More

The Cunningham – An American Auto Racing Legend

+-*From 1951-55 American racer Briggs Cunningham, a man with a dream to build an American sports car which would race at Le Mans, did just that. Here are the original cars. Read More

Refresh Your Table With A #NoPaperNapkin Policy

+-*Make this the year you refresh your dining tables with a #NoPaperNapkins policy. Easy colorful cotton napkins from Hen House Linens are #swoonworthy! Read More

10 Top Cars Raced By Sir Stirling Moss

+-*One of the greatest and much appreciated race car drivers in history is Sir Stirling Moss, OBE. His track performance is legendary. This year at Amelia Island twenty-six of the famous race cars he raced arrived from all corners of … Read More

Yummy Pancake Balls With An Easter Brunch Twist

+-*Spring means brunch-time so here is one of our breakfast favorites which can be dressed up for Easter with a sweet or savory twist. Read More

1930’s Cars Were Stars At Amelia Island

+-*1930’s era cars were Best of Show winners at Amelia Island Concours, here are more 1030’s stars from the field. Read More

Are You Guilty Of The #1 Homeowner Mistake?

+-*All to often a homeowner misses their opportunity to make their home more functional and unique. Have you make the homeowner’s #1 mistake? Read More