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Cheated on Nikon & Fell In Love With A Samsung Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is compact, easy-to-use, produces professional quality results and is 3G & WiFi capable. Top Decor Girl travel pick! Read More

A BLANCO SteelArt Sink: When Quality Matters In The Kitchen

Quality stainless steel matters in the kitchen which makes a Blanco SteelArt® sink a superior choice. Read More

Dekton: A New Surface Material To Rock Your World

Get to know the revolutionary new surface material for your home. Dekton is a new interior/exterior surface for countertops, flooring, cladding & more. Read More

Classic Cars Sport Springtime Colors

Vintage and classic cars burst with color and personality. In honor of spring here are a number of classic cars, Bugattis, Ferrari and more in spring colors. Read More

What Is In and Out for Kitchen & Bath Trends

The NKBA is committed to identifying current trends in kitchens & baths, as their trend spotter, Lisa M. Smith has compiled a useful list of what is in and out. Read More

Interior Trends From Milan: The Good, Bad and Yes, Please

In keeping with tradition our first post after a trade show always covers the good and the bad interior products.   How boring or typical would it be to only cover the “look at the great stuff” type of post? … Read More

Snapshot of The Textures of Milan

Texture is still on trend for interiors in design. BlogTourMilan editors capture inspiration from all around Milan and iSalone. Read More

Vintage Mercedes 540K The Supercharged Supercar

Introduced in 1936 the Mercedes-Benz 540K was advertised as the fastest car in the world. In the 1930′s a supercharged luxury car made speed comfortable. Read More

Get The Travel Bug From The Top Travel Posts

From American road trips to be achy holidays to european destinations these top travel posts will give you the inspiration to travel. Read More

Top 10 Decisions To Achieve A Great Bathroom

Successful bathrooms are built by design. Making these top 10 decisions before the bathroom project begins puts the homeowner in the driver’s seat. Read More