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1 Incredible Way To Honor A Domestic Violence Victim

Mary Grace TourOn an April evening some year ago I answered the phone, my hello was met by brother’s alarming statement, “he shot her.” Domestic violence stole my mother from us when she was murdered by her husband of barely a year. We never liked the way he treated and seemed to control my mom, his unearned arrogance and chauvinistic behaviors made our skin crawl, but also kept us away. Unbeknownst to us my mom turned to a local domestic violence agency. In honor of my mom I’m about to embark on the Mary Grace Tour which I’m using as a way to raise money to benefit the domestic violence agency which helped her.

The Mary Grace Tour

Based on the memories my mom shared with me as a child, I’m going to recreate the life changing European trip my mom took as a young woman, a trip we talked of replicating together. Mary Grace Tour RouteArmed with her travel journal I’ve researched the cities and places she visited in order to establish the itinerary of my journey.

Petoskey News Review Article on Mary's tripI’m hitting the majority of her stops. Mary Grace had a whole month, I’ve got half this amount of time. She also had the luxury of her brother driving them around in his little Austin Healey.

How To Raise Awareness and Money to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

When I mentioned my wish to redo my mom’s trip to a friend, she came up with the brilliant idea of using it to bring awareness to domestic violence and to raise money for the cause. Through Crowdrise I’ve created a page called the Mary Grace Tour specifically to collect donations which go directly to Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. (ACT). My mom’s last phone call before her senseless murder was to the 24-hour Crisis Hotline run by ACT.

I’m paying for my own trip, funds collected are purely for the benefit of ACT. 

What your money can buy at ACT 

  • $100 Pays for 10 hours of counseling for a victim
  • $1,500 Pays the electric bill for one month for the shelter
  • $5,000 Pays for the 24-hour hotline for one year

Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic Violence is a global epidemic. By reading and sharing this post you’ve raised awareness and honored the memory of a domestic violence victim.

I’ll be posting sporadically on here and on the Crowdrise website about my journey, feel free to come along!


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