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#1 Must Have In A Bathroom – Do Not Forget

Bathrooms are not a place for regrets, less so if you just finished remodeling one.  There is one simple item which is easily forgotten and will leave you with a lot of regret if you miss it… the bathroom charging station.  Bathroom Charging station Today we have far more electronic demands in the bathroom than ever.  One or two electrical outlets by the vanity may not cut it, and a row of chargers for all those battery powered devices only makes for, blah, countertop clutter.

  • hair styling tools
  • blow dryers
  • battery operated toothbrushes
  • Clarisonic tools
  • razors
  • grooming tools

Be sure to add the right amount of electrical outlets to accommodate your needs.  But more importantly design a charging station into your bathroom design.

Outlet Location Matters Bathroom outlet locationPut outlets where you need them.  No more, “honey, where is the charger?”  By placing an outlet or two inside a bathroom cabinet as a charging station or for styling tools kept plugged in and ready for use, you are well on your way to bathroom nirvanaMarmol Radziner bathroomPhoto: Marmol Radziner

Design Out Countertop Clutter   From the beginning, know your requirements and design the bathroom to meet them.   Plan with your designer and electrician how to hide the outlets and avoid countertop clutter.   This makes for a pretty bathroom. 

One of my clients has their toothbrush charging station and water pick plugged in and easily accessible at all times inside their bathroom vanity.  For another we designed a flip-down drawer front which houses her blowdryer and styling tools already plugged in, inside the cabinet. There are medicine cabinets which come with electrical outlets installed which can work for toothbrushes and small grooming tools.

Any bathroom built prior to 10 years ago is likely missing the comfortable amount of electric outlets.

A linen closet can also house a charging station.  By adding some outlets to the interior and borrowing a shelf at about 40-48″ off the ground this puts chargers right at eye level and can keep your tools charged and hidden away at all times.

With the amount of electronics in our bathrooms today a charging station is the new must, don’t design your bathroom without at least one.  Yes, I realize we didn’t even mention a phone charger.  🙂


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7 Responses to #1 Must Have In A Bathroom – Do Not Forget

  1. I totally agree with this…. Makes all the difference

  2. Yes! Smart planning is the ultimate luxury!

  3. My mother had an outlet installed in a bathroom drawer when they built the house in ’98. Apparently she was ahead of her time. It does make a huge difference.

  4. Smart woman! She knows how to think ahead. 🙂

  5. Thank you Terri, isn’t it funny we call planning a “luxury”? What happened to the days when thinking things through thoroughly first was part of daily life? 🙂

  6. bathroom renovations mornington peninsula

    This is nicely expressed. !

  7. Ted

    That is a great tip! I have done something similar in my office.

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