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#1 Secret To Stellar Holiday Decorating

#1 Secret To Stellar Holiday DecoratingI’ve helped clients decorate their homes for the holidays, been in charge of design for big holiday parties, done those indulgently splendid designer Christmas Trees (I personally can’t stand those things), and offered a some DIY holiday decor ideas here on the blog but this holiday decorating idea I’m about to lay on you might be my very best.  It is inexpensive, easy, tasteful, and for the most part effortless.  LED battery Tea lightsYou know how it is when you sometimes ignore what is right in front of your face?  As I was thinking about this post I didn’t want to write another standard Christmas decor post.  (Bore-humbug!)  Then I caught myself paying attention to what I was doing as I walked around the house turning on my holiday lighting.  I have to share the best party decor trick I’ve come up with… LED tea lights, especially the submersible kind.

Less than $20 on Amazon for a box of 36!

What is no secret amongst interior designers and party planners is, lighting holds the key to making a space beautiful or festive.

LED tea lights in holiday decorAbove is the day and night version of a pile of sea coral which sits on the hearth in front of my fireplace.   Small battery operated LED tea lights (not the faux flickery things) are the ticket to holiday decor and party success.   Buy them by the box-full.  Whether your choice is colors or all white, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities these provide.  Everyplace you are weary of putting a candle either due to flammability or the possibility someone will forget to blow it out before bed, these are perfection.   Tuck these lights in endless locations.

  • hard to reach locations
  • in ice buckets or fountains
  • close to or safely in food
  • on tables
  • in greenery or floral arrangements
  • indoors or out

LED submersible lights in ice bucketWe had a party once with kids in attendance, these deliver entertainment value, the lights in the bottom of the ice buckets and drink bins gave them hours of fun.  For parties I’ve put them outside covered in snow lining the driveway for an enchanting glow.  If overflowing compliments do anything for you, this will deliver.

I decorate the house with them, each night I walk around at dusk twisting them on and before bed, twisting them off.  Sounds laborious, but I promise you it is not.   Throughout the rest of the year they appear at parties, indoors and out.  Finally a festive holiday decorative item which can appear more than once a year.  This really is the the #1 secret to stellar holiday or party decor and likely not the same thing everyone else is doing.   Happy decorating!


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