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10 DIY Decor Ideas To Transform Your Home Now

10 DIY Decor IdeasHome decorating is fun, especially if you can tell your guests, ” I did that.”  Decorating is even more fun when simple changes offer big results.  We compiled a list, some with directions, of easy DIY decor ideas and interior makeover tips.

1. Give the front door a fresh color.  Paint the front doorSelect one color which represents the main public spaces in your home, make this your front door color.  It is a great way to welcome people to your home.

2. Lighten window treatments. Take down heavy winter draperies and leave the window naked or replace with lighter window dressings. Use lighter window treatments Ikea, Pottery Barn (look at PBteen and PBkids if you like color) are great places to find simple warm weather drapery options.

3.  Slipcover dining chairs.

4.  Tile a backsplash. Lowe’s Home Improvement has a great video tutorial.

5.  Create a photo gallery for family photos. Stairways or hallways are a great spot to feature your family. Go big and fill the whole wall with favorites photos, keeping smaller pics closer to eye level. For a designer flair, use all the exact same frames in the same color, with not more than 2-3″ inches between photos.

6. Switch areas rugs to seagrass or sisal. Use seagrass rugsThis is one of the simplest ways to completely transform a room. I can’t explain how, but seagrass works magic.

7. Wallpaper the powder room. With so many crazy cool wallpapers on the market today, a powder room is the perfect spot to make the commitment.

8. Style your bookshelves. Order is the most valuable element of style once can add to a bookcase.  It’s free! Bookcase Balance

  • Remove everything from your shelves
  • Place like books in piles organizing by topic or genre
  • Stack horizontal and vertical titles together in size order, switching between the two when a vertical or horizontal dimension is full.
  • Fill the holes with accessories

9. Pair down your accessories. People who love to decorate often have more than enough “stuff” an any given room but find it hard to simplify. Here is the no-fail way to accessorizing your way to an enjoyable interior.

  • Start by removing every decorative accessory, ignore necessary lamps.
  • Make three piles; one for accessories which support the current season (the snow globe collection doesn’t work in the summer); another pile for those you just love to look at every day; the third pile is what is left.
  • From the first two piles determine a cohesive theme from which you can decorate.
  • Place everything which does not directly support this theme into the third (left-over) pile from above and put this all away into a box.
  • Use half of what is left, yes even if this is only five items, and redecorate your room.

10. Move your artwork.  Sometimes when we are looking for a quick fix, we just move the artwork. It is amazing how this can shift the look of a room.

Most of these 10 DIY design ideas are easy enough for the beginner DIY’er. All of them will provide quick gratifying results which will help get you on your way to a beautiful home for the summer.lisa

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