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12 Days Of Social Sharing, Wanna Do It?

It is the end of the year, the season of giving and what better way to give back than 12 Days of Social Sharing? Social sharing inviteStarting today, day #1, we are going to begin 12 days of social sharing.

What Are We Doing?  Over the next twelve days commit to sharing a post,  just one blog post, but a different one each day of someone outside of your typical sharing circle.  We all, well lots of us, give social love to our pals and share their most recent posts but how about we offer a hand to others.  Share someone new or someone outside your genre.

This is so easy.  Many of you already share at least 12 posts a day from others as a matter of habit (@ShelleyCHolmes).  This is just sharing with a stated purpose.   Schedule them if you want, I won’t tell. 12 days of sharing hashtagSharing The Social Luv  Pick a post you like, share it on social media, Twitter, Google + or Instagram using the #12daysofsharing hashtag so the rest of us can follow and continue to share.   You can share other places too, like Facebook or Pinterest.  But tweet it so we can create and follow a stream under the hashtag.

You don’t have to be a blog author, anyone on social media is welcome to participate, all you have to do is share.  It doesn’t have to be a current post either, comb your bookmarks for something you thought was worthwhile and pass it on to the rest of us.

HootSuite Stream

Select a post curated from your daily stream, something interesting, helpful, fun – but let’s avoid the political whiny stuff, it is the holidays and we need a break from the daily drudge of woe.

bloggers working togetherLet’s grow, expand and share.  Let’s see what kind of movement we can make.  Think of all the new friends you’ve made due to social media.  This could be a great start to 2014, with some new social media friends.

How about it, are you with me? #12daysofsharing, shows you are caring. 🙂


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2 Responses to 12 Days Of Social Sharing, Wanna Do It?

  1. What a nice idea, I’m in…

  2. What a fabulous idea! Love to learn about new blogs and bloggers.
    Happy 12 days!

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