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1960 Ferrari Superfast II Wins Cavallino Classic

Ferrari 400 Superamerica Superfast II  Wins At 2016 Cavallino ClassicA very unique 1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Aerodynamic Coupe, the Superfast II wins the Best of Show Gran Turismo trophy at the 2016 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, Flordia. One of fourteen 400 SA cars built by Ferrari and bodied by Pininfarina between 1960 and 1962, this historic Ferrari is significant in that within a number of months of coming off the line many stylistic concepts were tested and changed on serial number 2207 SA, creating four different versions of this one car. The car seen is the fourth and final version completed in the fall of 1961.

1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Superfast II interior 1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Superfast II at 2015 FCA meet

Without an engine this car debuted at Turin in November 1960. It did not start life with a hood scoop, it had a different nose and rear, rear fender skirts, and a black stripe which ran underneath the body side molding. The engine came in December 1960. In the beginning of 1961, the chromed hood scoop, fender air vents and a new more oval shaped grille appeared.  Next it was sold to Pininfarina where it served as the personal car of Battista “Pinin” Farina.  Side vent windows were added with white deflectors on top.  In November 1961 the Solex carburetors were replaced with Webers, fender skirts removed, and the black upholstery changed to ivory which leaves us with the car as seen today.

1960 Ferrari 400 SA early morning at Pebble BeachBetween then and March 2006 many other changes occurred to the interior, exterior colors, removal of the B-pillar, numerous other items were added or subtracted or both. In 2012 the current owner made the decision for work to begin with the restoration point as the late 1961 version. The car was first unveiled at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Then on the prestigious lawn at Pebble Beach. We spied it again days later at the Ferrari Club of America annual meet.

Ferrari 400 SA noseIf the eyes make the face, the headlights offer the same significance. On this car the metal headlight covers slide aside into the body and the perfectly formed headlight pops up, not like an appendage, but rather as it is part of the same sheet metal panel work as the nose, other than the oval break in the metal where this switch occurs.

1960 Ferrari Superamerica trunkWhat is missing on the trunk lid, it is significantly absent from the car?  The word Ferrari would typically be underneath the model name..

The 1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Aerodynamic Coupe is no doubt, super-fabulous! Congratulations  to owner Lee Herrington and restoration experts, Motion Products, Inc. on bringing history back to life.


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