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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Wallcovering For Bathrooms

Countless people have wallpaper avoidance issues for residential bathrooms. Given today’s options and technological advancements they are entirely unwarranted. Read More

Home Interior Projects – Hiring a Contractor

Choosing a contractor can be problematic if you are not prepared. The best way to compare a contractor for your interior project is to create a detailed scope of work.

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Car Week in Pebble Beach

The annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was the proverbial cherry on top of a very rich and fattening indulgence of the car week hot fudge sundae. Gorgeous!

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But I’m Afraid of Color – Making Interior Color Easy

Color is made easy by replicating items which inspire a smile or good feelings. Colorful interiors starts with the right inspiration.

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Green Flooring Choices For Home Remodeling

Two green flooring options which are well priced and beautiful.

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Tips on Selecting A Wall Color

You’ve got an idea of what color you want to choose but how do you know before you commit to an entire room?

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Upholstered Furniture – Seating Tips For Selecting a Sofa or Chair

Three items to consider before you plunk down the cash on a sofa or chair. What to know before buying a sofa or chair selection for your living room, family room or any room in your home.

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