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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Beautiful Gray Options for Home Interiors

Gray has magic in the home interior which makes other colors look even better. Gray is being embraced as a hip yet timeless color for many interior applications. Read More

Interactive Floor Tiles By LiquidMotion

Fun and funky liquid filled tiles by LiquidMotion can bring an interior to life, literally. They actually change their look as one walks across them. Sort of like a lava lamp on the floor.

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Easy Home Décor Changes For Fall

Home interiors should instinctively respect the change of seasons. With a few easy changes you can update your home for the season.

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Timeless Art by Oren Sherman Makes Interiors Wonderful

Artist Oren Sherman creates beautiful limited edition high quality prints which are also wallet friendly and work in any interior traditional to modern.

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Interior Design Don’ts – Kitchen

While a kitchen is one of the best places to invest in your home, a lack of it is also the most noticeable. This segment of Interior Design Don’ts is meant to point out items or design elements which make a kitchen look dated, scream “fix me” or highlight un-intended frugality.

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Interior Design Don’ts – Living Rooms

Most people can identify an interior which is really wonderful, but they can’t identify when their own is not. Pictures from current home interiors highlight the interior mistakes commonly seen today.

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Totally Awesome Concrete Wall Tiles

Los Angeles based artist David Ogassian has quite a way with wall tile. His fabulous modern concrete tiles are a reminder of Frank Lloyd Wright, but in a way that you don’t require a FLW home to use them.

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Cool Trays Are a StapleFor The Unique Interior

Trays which were once a trend are now a staple in today’s unique home. They are multifunctional and come in much more than a generic rectangle. Update your decor with a cool tray.

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