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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Number 1 New Year’s Interior Design Resolution

The focus for 2011 is simplification. One easy way to handle this is to un-decorate existing rooms.

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Last Minute Easy DIY Holiday Wreath In Color

Super easy DIY colorful designer wreath anyone can make. No glue-gun required!

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Interior Design – Secrets of Proper Bathroom Lighting

The most important component of a good bathroom is proper lighting. Every bathroom needs at least two if not all three types of lighting: task, general and accent.

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Number 1 Rule of Interior Design

Misguided interior design efforts often occur less than a month before a holiday or event. The solution is free and foolproof.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Redecorate

Below is a list of the five easy-to- spot clues of when it is time to update a home’s decor. They do not qualify as the good type of “vintage” home furnishings.

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Best Kitchen and Bath Countertop – Solid Surface Quartz

Solid surface quartz countertops (Zodiaq®, Caesarstone and Silestone) outperform granite and stone in every category. Solid surface quartz has many benefits which make it superior to any granite, stone or marble in terms of durability, cleanability, and maintenance.

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