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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Comming Soon – The Designer Light Bulb

Sculptural design revitalizes the old CFL. Thanks to London based Plumen, if we have to view a light bulb it might as well be attractive.

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Stripes Are in Season For The Interior

Popular fashion trends often transition to home decor. Stripes are the next hot thing for interior design.

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Feature Walls – Are They or Aren’t They?

Take a look at the latest feature wall treatment from Dreamwall, the UK’s leading specialist in wallcovering materials. Interior designers love upholstered walls, but are the?

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4 Tips to Achieve Great Wall Picture Groupings

Picture groupings can be easy if you follow four simple guidelines: theme, structure, continuity and balance.

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Spring Planning – Garage Storage

Garage storage doesn’t need to be an endless project. The one-size-fits-all retail approach work never works. Organizational pros at Closet Factory do it right.

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Houses About Color

Color can be wonderful on the exterior of a home if it is done well. The key is to make the color scheme purposeful and the relationships obvious to the viewer.

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Lastest Insider Scoop on Interior Fabric Colors

New color is here for home interiors. Get the latest scoop on interior colors, fabrics never seen before in the USA from Zinc Textile.

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Plan For Spring – Outdoor Fabrics in Blue

Outdoor fabrics for backyard, patio, deck or garden rooms in blue. But not the same old fabrics you’ll see anywhere else.

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Green Living, Bad Vinyl, Lighting, Bad Design and Spa Treatment

Yesterday can serve as a reminder that no matter how smart we are as humans we can not predict the future.  With this horrible tragedy fresh in our minds an sorrow in our hearts for those in Japan, I’d like … Read More

The 21st Century Home Contractor

The digital contractor!

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