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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Blue Is Fabulous For Home Interiors

Blue is a universal color, which makes it a very easy color to incorporate into interiors. This is one color which is always fabulous in an interior. Read More

Hand Painted Wallpaper By de Gournay

Hand painted wallpaper is an art form truly perfected by only a few. When the very best is what is required, this is what it looks like.

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4 Environmentally Friendly Choices For Your Interior

Interior designers have been pushing environmentally friendly choices before they realized it mattered. Here are some of our favorites.

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Design Elements of Classic Cars Belong At Home

The same details found in classic or vintage automobiles are appropriate to today’s home interiors. Good design can be found anywhere. The point is to recognize it and replicate it.

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Designing a Tiny Bathroom Tile Floor

Here how to create an easy DIY bathroom tile floor design to take your eyes off the small size of the room. Using a creative design makes tile installation simple.

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How To Create Color Palette Success

Great interiors are created thoughtfully. Picking a wall color or any other color “just because” leads to a mess. Using a color key guarantees success.

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Exterior Architectural Elements

There is a lot of inspiration to be had in the architectural details of historic homes. Today’s home can be more than a box with faux stone and generic windows.

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In Memory Of Mary

Domestic Violence is happening where you least expect it. I must tell Mary’s story. Families don’t be afraid to speak up if something does not seem right.

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Exterior Home Design – The Doorbell by Spore

Doorbells are one of the easiest and least expensive DIY updates one can do to. Doorbells can be chic & colorful if they come from a company called Spore.

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Colorful Grown-Up Furniture To Make a Statement

Colorful statement furniture requires style and elegance. When you don’t want to sacrifice looks for usability Dune makes great furniture for today’s lifestyle.

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