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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Home Decor Themes

Themes are the unifying idea which defines the character of the interior design of a home. Read More

Home Decor Style – Geographical Influence

How would a American Colonial home looked plopped down in the middle of the Arizona desert? Ridiculous.

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Finding Your Home Decor Style

Determining the style for you and your family is the guiding force to achieve the interior you want. The personal style of a home comes before a theme.

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What are Home Decor Styles?

In interior design style is the often the guiding force to uncovering a theme for your interior. It is a map allowing the entire home to coordinate.

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The Truth About Interior Designers

Let’s bust some interior designer myths. Interior designers are problem solvers first. They can help anyone with home decor issues.

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5 Tips For a Welcoming Front Door

A front door is the welcoming handshake for a home. Like a good focal point the front door is the pull beckoning visitors to enter.

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Myths to Selecting an Upholstery Fabric

When selecting an upholstery fabric there are a few lingering myths which can alter one’s decisions. Know what fabrics will work and why.

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Up-to-Date Window Treatments with Purpose

Today’s window treatments have a purpose and are appropriate to the home.

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Weekend Reading – A Remodeling Guide to Costs, Contractors and More.

Useful websites and information to read before undertaking a home renovation or remodeling project. What you need to know about costs, hiring a contractor and more.

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Interior Designer Q&A: Size, Style, and Color Palette

Interior designer answers popular How-To questions on room size, color, choosing a style and decorating. Great tips to use for any home.

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