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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Start the Christmas Party at the Front Door

Nothing says “come on in and have fun,” like a well decorated front door area. Set the scene for a festive atmosphere before guests enter the home. Read More

Measure a Room to Save Misery and Money

Five easy steps to measuring a room.Taking room measurements and roughing it out on paper is simple way to guarantee furniture will fit in a room.

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For the Love of Glass – Part 2

Back in the glass blowing studio with Shayna Roth Pentecost…  you’ll recall two weeks ago I showed you the process of making these gorgeous glass paperweights in For the Love Of Glass – Part 1.  Now, lets watch the choreography … Read More

Place to Rest Your Eyes and Mind – Week 2

“Blue Friday shopping was hell on my fins.”

Vintage Ferrari Guy Candy

Can you guess the vintage Ferrari models?

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here is wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful day, ate whatever you enjoy, spent time with those you care about and took a day of from thinking about your house. 🙂

Thank You Grohe!

Customer service is not measured by “if” you have a problem but when and how a company or person reacts when a problem occurs.

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Legalized Holiday Snooping

Holidays are a great time for interior research and exploration. If you are visiting others take advantage of this opportunity for some legalized snooping.

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Creative DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

This year try an eco friendly DIY gift wrap which is as beautiful as the gift itself. No tape, no ribbons, no scissors and no mess.

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Place to Rest Your Eyes and Mind – Week 1

Whether you are feeling the daily bustle of holiday fever or maybe your mind has become jelly as we wind down the year, rest your eyes and mind here.

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