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2012 Cavallino Classic From The Lawn At The Breakers

It was a beautiful balmy Saturday morning as the Ferraris began rolling up the driveway towards their coveted spot on the lawn at the 2012 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach.  Normally it is hop out of bed and walk the beach searching for shells, not today.  Today’s morning ritual is sweatshirt, shorts, hot chocolate and bring the camera.

I couldn’t resist, it’s a Mini leading the herd!  Love it. Fully awake vintage GTO. 250 GT Bonano Coupe 1965   Now I get to go up to the room, shower and change for the day into outfit #2. This is a, no, make that the 125 S from 1947.  Basically this is #1, the first Ferrari. 166 MM 53 Vignale 1953 166 MM Barchetta 1949 250 GT LWB TDF 1958 250 GT LWB COMP 1959 340 Mexico 1952 Just another $30,000,000  $35,000,000 GTO. Would you like a Ferrari Enzo or FXX? Another stunning concours on an absolutely perfect day in Palm Beach.  I’ll have more photos in the upcoming weeks of the special Ferrari SuperAmerica 45 (brand new), more on the first Ferrari and other car shots.  Next week is the secret car show and the following week I have highlights from track day.  Keep coming back, I’ll be here every Saturday morning with fresh car lust or what I prefer to call sculpture on four wheels.

What one of the above would you like in your stable?

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