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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Kitchen & Bath Recap: Good, Bad and What Were They Thinking

Interior designer reports on top finds from 2012 Kitchen & Bath Show. Highlights were countertops, bath fixtures and great new shower.

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Bentley to Mini A High – Low Car Weekend

In fashion going high-low is the new chic.  The poplar way to be mindful yet not ostentatious or feel like one has a conscious, I’m not sure which.   People do this with cars too.  Which is the best description … Read More

Does This Chair Make My Butt Look Big?

In the hands of artist Lila Jang, one might conclude furniture is more a matter of sculpture and beauty, forget the function.

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Posters or Prints? Who Cares Just Enjoy

Posters and prints are just fine for grown-up home interiors.

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Kitchen and Bath Immersion In Chicago

Day 2 of the Kitchen and Bath show in Chicago and I am so grateful for digital cameras and no anxiety over running out of film.  Remember those days?  What a difference a few years makes. Anyways, I am busy … Read More

Paper or Plastic for Outdoor Dining?

There does not seem to be one set of outdoor dining etiquette rules for dinnerware. What do you use for outdoor dining: paper, plastic or breakables?

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No Garage Queens In Vintage Racing

Vintage motorsports has got to be one of the least celebrated in the motorsport world, at least in this country.  Unless one is in the loop, it remains an activity under the radar yet is clearly very popular all over … Read More

Outdoor Patio Decor Finds From Etsy

If you are reading design posts you are someone who does not want their living spaces full of the same cookie-cutter objects everyone else has, good for you!

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How Faux Do You Wanna Go?

Fun and fanciful home decor products for an exciting interior.

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Kitchen On The Brain

Getting ready for the Kitchen & Bath show in Chicago. This year the focus is kitchens. I was shopping bathroom products last year.

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