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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Pristine Packards From The Automotive Past

Glorious vintage Packards spied at various concours events around the country, from Meadowbrook to Pebble Beach.

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House Snooping in Red and Blue

Charming red and blue house behind a wall in Palm Beach.

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How To Master Color-blocking For Interiors

Color-blocking makes color scheming super simple. Pick, one, two or three colors and go! The trick is to use the colors as expansive solids.

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How To Milk A Chair

What can be done with 344 empty milk jugs? Loll Designs turns them into stylish and functional outdoor furniture.

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Interior Design: Living in Pastel Splendor

Soft or muted versions of more vibrant colors can be very enjoyable in an interior.

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Building A Flavorful Turkey Burger

The first time I saw a recipe for a turkey burger I was skeptical.  A burger needs to look like a burger, be juicy when you take a bite and burst with flavor.  While I had reviewed many recipes, visions … Read More

Countdown To Pebble Beach

See the Best of Show winner of last year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance plus what will be a this year’s event.

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Way Cool Tile From Recycled Skateboards

Recycled skateboards are turned into energetic wall tiles.

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New Blanco Farm Sink For Contemporary Kitchens

Find out how the new Blanco Cerana sink goes contemporary or traditional.

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Get The Hottest Garden Party Ideas… Online!

Do you just melt at pictures at pictures of a beautiful outdoor setting and imagine having a party in that very space?   Does your mind create cocktail options at the sight of a new ingredient?  Does the vision of pretty … Read More