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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Gift Wrap For The Design Crazed With Little Time

Want stylish designer gift wrap for your holiday packages but don’t have the time to mimic Martha Stewart’s creativity? Easy gift wrap for a stunning gift.

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5 Tips For A Successful Remodeling Project

Guest post from Sean Lintow Sr. of SLS Construction, will connect the dots on what makes for a successful interior remodeling project.

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Decorating In Pairs

Decorate in pairs; it makes decorating easy and looks wonderful. Regardless of how much you spend the result is rich!

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Supercars You Might Find On Sale On Black Friday

IF they had supercars on sale on Black Friday it would only be a select few, the ugly ones.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A painting in seasonal colors.

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Making Homemade Donuts Is Easy!

Old-fashioned cake doughnuts which are flavorful without being disgustingly sweet are easy to make for your family or house-guests. Create a new tradition.

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Make A Statement With The Porter Chair

Back in the old country when large homes of the 1% were drafty and there were no such thing as doorbells they installed what is called a Porter Chair in the entrance hall.  A Porter was the servant who waited … Read More

Spectacular Cars in Lisa Blue

Stunning vintage cars and current supercars in glorious shades of blue.

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Top 10 Don’ts & Dos For Christmas Decorating

Five things one shouldn’t do and five things to make holiday decorations easy and beautiful.

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Insider’s Guide To Buying Furniture At Auction

The charming Richard Rabel, an auction insider, answers the relevant questions on buying at auction. He takes us from fearful to ready to bid.

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