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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Pretty Easter Colors On Classic Cars

Classic cars came in a rainbow of fun colors. Explore a range of spring colors on gorgeous vintage cars. Read More

Dymaxion House – The Little House That Should

Buckminster Fuller created a home full of sustainability solutions. The Dymaxion House should be a model of how we should be building homes today.

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The Duh Moment – Kitchens Get An Appliance Wall

Kitchen design is changing to make the kitchen user friendly and attractive. Centralized appliances at an easy to use height makes sense.

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Two Tests For Getting The Color Scheme Of Your Dreams

To create a fabulous color scheme one has to go deeper than saying I like red, blue or green. Here are two simple tests to get you on the right track.

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More Classic Ferraris From Palm Beach Cavallino Classic

Not all Ferraris are red, especially not the real classics. Here are some very special vintage Ferraris.

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Island Style Found In A Palm Beach Showhouse

A walk through the 2013 Red Cross Designer Showhouse in Palm Beach offers a taste of island decorating style.

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How To Explain Decorating Costs To A Husband

Let’s relate interior design costs to those man things husbands don’t flinch at in terms of price. How to get your man to understand costs of home decorating.

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Have Fun With Your Car

Driving schools, at a racetrack, can be one of the most fun and addictive ways to enjoy and learn about your car and improve your driving skills.

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Bring The Bounty of Spring Inside Your Home

Here are fabrics and wallpaper to infuse some spring colors into the home interior. Happy color work year around but one can start with spring.

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Add A Pop Of Color

Too much matchy matchy home decor gets old. Using a pop of color in a room can give a room interest and a happy surprise.

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