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Monthly Archives: April 2013

5 Outdoor Goodies & Garden Gizmos You Just Might Need

Summertime is for outdoor living. Keep it easy, make things fun, and create inviting environments in your outdoor spaces with these 5 items you might need. Read More

Great 1920’s Cars From The Gatsby Era

Great Gatsby Era cars from Duesenbergs to Packard, Bentley and Bugatti and a few you’ve likely never heard of. The 1920’s were the heyday of luxury cars.

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DIY Trendy Jeans, OMG This Is Easy!

Make your own trendy patterned jeans with simple household products. Recycle your jeans into a new look.

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Get The Scoop on Zen-Mod Outdoor Living from Mod Design Guru

If you want to achieve a space where you feel at ease and want your friends to linger, create a Zen-MOD outdoor room. Use four elements to make it happen.

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Easy Front Door Fixes: Paint, Decorate & Plant

The one thing a front door must always say is, “welcome.” When you think of your front door think, PDP – paint, decorate and plant.

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Roadside Pick-Up: Porsche, Lambo and Ferrari

You never know what you’ll pick up along the road. We got a few Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porshes and more.

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Hot New Outdoor Fabrics

Inject some fun and zip into your outdoor decor with fresh new outdoor fabrics. Make your patio personal.

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Hairball Season – A Reason To Love Carpet Tile

Carpet tile is a great solution to living with pets. Easy to clean and easy to replace if you can’t.

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Decorating Outdoors With A Water Feature

Water features provide a focal point and ambiance to an outdoor room. Place them where you can get the maximum enjoyment or as an element of surprise.

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Historical Lessons From The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum celebrates the most industrious time in America. Many questions are raised when looking to cars of the past.

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