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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Delightful Editing Is An Interior Designer’s Beauty Secret

We often add more to fix a problem when removing would get us closer to interior nirvana. Pleasing interiors are all about the editing. Read More

Anti-Beauty Queens: Not So Pretty Cars From The Photo Files

A look as some of the stranger and unusual classic cars seen at Pebble Beach, car shows and auctions. Some are quirky, some are ugly, others are kooky and some just are incomprehensible.

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Tile Me! Cle iPhone Case Giveaway

Comment to win a free Cle iPhone case, pick your own clé tile pattern and wear your iPhone in style.

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How To Judge Beauty In Interior Design

Beautiful homes or rooms are about the special feeling they evoke regardless of their style and an individual’s taste. Learn how to judge beauty in a home.

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How I Came To Love Classic Cars and Supercars

Lisa explains her love of cars with a few of the cars she’s had along the way from the Pontiac GTO to Porsches. A girl and her love of cars.

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Hillwood: A Walk Through A Beautiful Washington Home

Hillwood Museum allows the visitor to enjoy Marjorie Merriweather Post’s collection of the best of Russian and French fine and decorative arts.

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Out With The Old – Less Offers More Style in Interior Design

Today a beautiful room is not packed full of furniture and needless tchotchkes, but curated with useable furniture and a limited amount of decorative objects.

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Ralph Lauren’s Classic Cars Come To Life

The style, shape and details of Ralph Lauren’s car collection are reflected in his fashion designs for men and women.

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Pop Art in Paris – Roy Lichtenstein At Centre Pompidou

While visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris we enjoyed a wonderful exhibit of American Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein.

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November: How To Create A Beautiful Home

Beauty isn’t about a particular color, a style of furniture or architecture, it is the sense of delight one feels from the superb combination of color, furnishings, accessories, artwork and materials.

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