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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Vintage Racing: The Ultimate Boys With Toys Motorsport Hobby

The sport of vintage racing is much larger than one might image. Racecars are meant to be driven and all over the world men & women participate in this hobby. Read More

Take A Stand For Your Health And Stir Up Your Workday

Those who sit at work for 4, 6 or 8 hours a day are asking for physical ailments & moving towards an early grave. The Stir Kinetic stand up desk is a solution.

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Top Editors + Modenus + Design + Italy = BlogTourMilan

Top editors and publishers of design blogs are off to Milan, Italy to attend Salone Internazionale Moblie to bring back the latest in home design.

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Filmmaker Falls For Cheeky British Morris Minor (Car)

Little cars which are part of the fabric of one’s geographic history or nostalgia capture people’s hearts and make this Morris Minor a major a star.

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Do’s and Don’ts To Decorate A Compelling Bookcase

How to decorate a bookshelf in four easy steps will guide you through what is needed to create a visually appealing bookcase or shelves.

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#1 Must Have In A Bathroom – Do Not Forget

Any bathroom built prior to 10 years ago is likely missing the comfortable amount of electric outlets for today’s bathroom needs.

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Supercars and Vintage Curves From Classic Sports Sunday

Hosted at Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s posh Palm Beach club, one steps onto the terrace which unveils the ultimate garden of very special cars from vintage Ferraris and Bentleys to modern supercars like the Pagani Huayra.

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Crown Molding Abuse: Interior Eyebrows

Crown molding can be a beautiful addition to a room or home when it is used well but not when it is abused. Are you are making your room frown?

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Design Projects: Secrets to Stress Free Bathroom Remodeling

Get the tips to achieving a stress free remodeling project. How to get through your bathroom remodel on time and within budget.

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A Very Special Ferrari 275 GTB/C

Fascinating facts and details make this one of a kind Ferrari 275 GTB/C a very special car.

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