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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The American Streamliner A Desire To Harness Speed

The American Streamliner is a fine example of America’s founding principles. Here is a look at four of America’s most fascinating independently designed cars.

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High Level Gardening: Living With A Live Roof

Why install a green roof and what is the purpose for having live plants on a roof? Living with a green roof, a homeowner shares tips.

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5 Simple Steps To Add Luxury To Your Home For Summer

The windows are open, guests waft in and out with the summer breeze as entertaining kicks into high gear.  Even if one isn’t expecting visitors, the renewed desire for having a beautiful home awakens in the summer months.   Here … Read More

Looks Matter – Vintage Car Design As Sculpture

Numerous cars cross over to sculpture to be admired as art. Here we appreciate a car as more than just a car.

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California Cool Furniture From Architect Richard Neutra

VS, a German furniture manufacturer teamed up with Dion Neutra, Richard Neutra’s son and former partner, to bring the furniture designs and aesthetic of the Neutra to today’s consumer.

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Hot New Wallpapers Are Swoon-Worthy

Wallpaper is one of the most glorious inventions for interiors, it is a one stop bag of tricks for home decor. Get ready to be amazed with hot new wallpaper.

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Test Drive: Tesla Model S P85

The Tesla Model S P85 is a luxury sedan which happens to be an electric car. For automotive performance lovers, the P85+ is worthy.

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10 Checks To Determine If Your Secret Online Name is #Shutup

Here are ten ways to check yourself to make certain you have the social media feed of a butterfly and nobody is wishing you would just #shutup.

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The New Reveal Grips Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

What began as an effort to make the opening and closing of doors and drawers easier has turned into a revolutionary design change for kitchen and bathrooms.

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A Very Special Tour Of The Palazzo Malipiero

Touring the interior Palazzo Malipiero, situated on the Grand Canal in Venice offered an exciting glimpse into the historic Venice lifestyle.

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