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Desirable Bathroom Products To Know About

Got a bathroom remodeling project on your to calendar this year?  Even if you are just starting on your bathroom wish list here are some bathroom products and ideas to fall in love with, before construction begins.  Consider this  your one spot idea generator and bathroom trend spotter for the bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom wish listFIXTURE COLOR  Sinks, tubs and toilets are white, white and only white.  Using any other color puts you in jeopardy of creating a time stamp on your project.  Yep, they look cool but put your color elsewere.

FREESTANDING TUBSBath tubs  A freestanding tub is the short-cut to a luxury bathrooms.  These are equal to having an art piece on your bathroom floor, but functional

HIDE THE DRAIN  hidden shower drainsHidden drains are one of the best bathroom innovations in recent years.  Shower pans come with them or the actual drain can be built into tiled floor showers.

FREE STANDING FAUCETS  freestanding tub fillersDepending on your bathroom design a freestanding tub requires a freestanding faucet.  All the important faucet companies, such as Brizo,  have these in their collections.  Prepare yourself for sticker shock, only because you’ve likely never priced a faucet this big:  bigger faucet = bigger price.

SINGLE HAND OPERATION  Single Handle FaucetsMake your life easy.  Single handle faucets are easy to operate and their sleek designs are simple to clean.

 LOOK MOM, NO LEGS!  floating vanitiesFloating vanity cabinets above the floor can help a bathroom to feel more spacious.  Modern vanity cabinets have pullout drawers which maximize the amount of useable space.  Efficiency is fundamental, looks are a bonus.

INEXPENSIVE LUXURIES  Mr. Steam Towel WarmerHeated Towel Warmer – It may sound indulgent but once you understand its value you’ll quickly see it as a necessity.  To wrap up in a toasty towel is wonderful, the secret is to keep it on after you’re finished to dry the towel.  Yay, no more musty smelling towels.   Stay tuned, the installation of our Mr. Steam towel warmer is coming next month.

No Excuses Radiant Floor – If you live where it gets below 30 degrees and want a tile floor in your bathroom…  I am just going to say it – you are OUT of your mind if you do not install radiant heating underneath.  Space or labor costs are not an issue when you use and electrical floor mat such as those by NuHeat.

This post is to assist you with your bathroom idea file, to turn your head to an idea or product you may not have considered before you start your next bathroom project.  The pictures are pin-worthy so please feel free to pin them to your own bathroom dream board on Pinterest.

Do tell, what is on your bathroom wish list?


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6 Responses to Desirable Bathroom Products To Know About

  1. these are great suggestions- seeing some things I would love to upgrade our bathrooms with….

  2. Ooooh, I am in the process of building a new bathroom and have a Mr Steam towel warmer and radiant floor heating already! Thanks for sharing your other finds!

  3. Smart girl! Can’t wait to see your final selections! XO

  4. love the floating vanities! nice share Lisa!

  5. My goodness! What beautiful and luxurious bathtubs. You must have an in with some pretty awesome designers. I’ve never seen some of these styles…

  6. Thank you Alejandro, these are super bathtubs for sure. As an interior designer part of my job is to source the best! 🙂

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