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3 Hurdles to Jump When Selecting a Wall Color

One day while thumbing through a magazine or on a visit somewhere a wall color reaches out to you.  The corners of your mouth curl upwards, design ideas rapidly dart in and out of your brain.  Your heartbeat rises as you imagine this glorious color cocooning a room in your home.  This color permeates your brain and you just can’t seem to shake it. Usually while mulling over the idea of this new color the reality fairy pays a visit.  Will this color work in your home?  How you answer this question will determine if your room is a success or failure.

“Because I like it,” is not good enough.  Forcing a color almost always ends up a failure. Eeek, so now what?

If you are at all weary over these choices, hire a designer (click that box on the left side of the page – I’ll help you personally.)  However, if you blaze through life with a “I can do it” attitude, here comes your roadmap for getting the perfect wall color. #1.  Wall color unifies a room.  But, and this is a big but… how important is it?   Decide if the wall color will be a feature player in the room or have a background role#2.  What should people see when they walk into a room?  If it is a dining room the most important feature is what is going on in the middle of the dining table while sitting down.  Wall color needs to enhance and support beautiful artwork, architectural details, a fabulous fabric on a piece of furniture, or a room’s purpose… not compete with it.


Even if one is using colorful patterned wallcovering, it is used as a tool to unify the space, not be what stops your eye when one enters the room.  #3. Wall color is selected after all the other parts and pieces of a room have been decided.  A common mistake in decorating is picking a wall color first,  before everything else in the room.   It is fine to have an idea in mind however, let the other items in a room (artwork, fabrics and materials) lead to the right color choice.

Often the wall color is not the big item you want people to notice as soon as they walk in the room.  It can still be pretty and vibrant but it has to enhance the rest of the space, not compete with it.  While you may love a certain color, allow the pieces in your room to dictate the color not the other way around.   By successfully clearing each of these three hurdles you’ll be well on your way to getting the right wall color for your room. 

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