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3 Last Minute Healthy Holiday Stocking Stuffers

3 Healthy Stocking StuffersRUN!  Seriously run and get your wallet to purchase these three healthy stocking stuffers for anyone or everyone on your gift list whom you care about.  These are fun, creative and inspire healthy living.  Be a gift giving rockstar, these are three super-duper last minute gifts nobody else is thinking about.

Forget the chemical unfused faux flavor waters, do it yourself with the Zing Anything. Naturally infuse water with Zing AnythingMake your own naturally infused waters and more, in flavors you like with fresh and healthy ingredients.  “We take great pride in our Zingers, which are safe, durable, and eco-friendly bottles made from Eastman Tritan BPA/EA-free plastics and food-grade safe stainless steel.”  Give the gift of a healthy choice.

Got anyone on your list which struggles with over-eating or eats too fast?  Stick this fork in their stocking.  HAPIfork promotes healthy eatingFor those who just can’t put the fork down or eat at warp speed this is a life changer.   When you put the fork in your mouth it counts your forkfuls with bluetooth technology and vibrates when you need to slow down and actually taste the food.  It monitors the time spent eating and loads of other customizable features which makes it an ideal way to retrain one’s body for healthy eating.  The HAPIfork is basically a smart fork.

Finally for the techie and/or watch enthusiast who needs to be cool, yet stylish we have the Pebble Watch.  Pebble SmartwatchPebble WatchCall is your notification nanny.  Let’s say you are in the middle of something your phone rings, a text or email comes in but your phone/device is in your bag or another room, the Pebble can tell you who it is.  It is also a fitness tracker, has all sorts of other apps, a week long batter life (no this is not a typo) and shock and surprise one can see the darn thing in sunlight!  Oh and this is one of those kickstarter products which took off.  Give the gift of a Pebble.

Happy Holidays!


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