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3 Road Trip Secrets To Turbo Boost Your Enjoyment

3 Road Trip Secrets To Turbo Boost Your EnjoymentTime to open those garage doors after a long winter and get out and drive! Any glimmer of sunshine and dry salt-free roads encourage car enthusiasts to exercise the horses, blow off the dust, work out the kinks, otherwise do the thing we love the most, drive our cars. Spring is a superb time for a road trip. Here are three road trip secrets to turbo boost the enjoyment of your journey whether it be a day trip or longer.

Route 66 Sign#1 Research where you want to go, I mean really research. Don’t you hate missing out? I would be livid to learn I had been so close to something we would have enjoyed visiting, all because we didn’t know it was right around the corner. Taking a road trip to a destination are more fun when you know what’s hiding along the journey.

Beyond looking up possible destinations and routes on a map, learn what else might be in the area or going on to inspire a little wandering. For our Route 66 Road Trip we read both a guide book and found some great videos (You Tube is great for this). Big Blue WhaleMuch of Route 66 is gone or off the main highways, without research we wouldn’t have known where or what was worth getting off the road to see. We might have missed the Big Blue Whale and so much more!

Cars and Wings ClevelandFor the quickie, day or weekend road trip, we always research local car enthusiast events such as Cars & Coffee. Social media, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can be a big help for finding local events.

Waze App#2 Download and use the Waze smartphone app. This is a must for avoiding potholes, road debris and other road hazards. Other drivers are updating the app in real time to warn  where drivers may want to pay attention including speed traps. Satellites calculate traffic in real time. We’ve avoided hours of traffic tie-ups with Waze. If you use the route guidance feature it can re-route you around traffic or other hazards which makes the trip much nicer.

Road trip snacks#3 Don’t for get the snacks. I don’t know about you, but all the planning in the world is no predictor for when my stomach starts to hanker for food. As someone who can easily get car sick, snacks make all the difference. If you aren’t a fan of overpriced convenience store food or waiting until the next exit, a small cooler with hydrating liquids and your preferred road worthy snacks can save you time, money and aggravation.

Bonus Tip: A roll of paper towel is handy for many reasons beyond sticky fingers: bird poop, road grime, bugs on the windows, cleaning interior windows someone forgot to clean, and so much more.

Lake Michigan Road TripHope you enjoyed my road trip secrets, after many years we’ve gotten road trips down to an art. Let us know if you’ve any road trips planned for the season. We are likely to turn up anywhere if given a reason.


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