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3 Ways To Make Your Home Landscape Look Luxurious

3 Ways To Make Your Home Landscape Look LuxuriousA luxurious landscape is about making the area comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye, not how much you spend. The most spectacular home landscapes in the world, big or small, utilize these same three ways to make a landscape luxurious. Don’t worry, its easy to do, and the effect is cumulative, each one builds on the other.




Repetition makes people feel comfortable. There is nothing more sumptuous than ‘more’ which is why repeating the same element is often used in landscape design and patio design.

  • Stick to a few plants, landscape materials and outdoor decor items but use them again.
  • Anytime a plant can do double duty in both the front and backyard or patio/deck area, use it.
  • Repeat size, shape and color of plant boxes and pots

Frank Lloyd Wright using repetitionNotice how Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West repeats the triangular shape of the architectural buttress in the pool. Colors of the desert and natural stone repeat throughout the landscape and interiors.

Pool landscape using repeating elementsThese handrails are too cool not to repeat. Box shapes of the planters repeat in shape of the tile, colors of the chairs mirror the color of the pool, and the trees along the wall showcase just how use the concept of more is better.

Architectural rustic wood fenceWhat makes this rustic fencing luxurious? Repeating the same color, shape and orientation of the wood slats.

Feeling comfortable is luxurious, creating a scatterbrained landscape or outdoor decor, using only one or two of multiple items, is not.

Balance allows a landscape or outdoor space to feel welcoming and easy to negotiate, imbalance creates discord.

Balance can be achieved in a landscape by using either the same material, objects, shapes or plants (repetition) or on either side of something, to bookend an object or space. Balance is also achieved when one designs around a focal point. The areas or items surrounding a focal point exist, in part, to feature the focal point, to play a supporting role, not compete with the focal point.

Mid Century Modern LandscapeHere the colors on each side of the walkway balance the other as do using pairs of colored concrete pavers. Square pavers would have been weird against the rectangular block.

Perfectly balanced herb garden at CIAThose rounded boxwood are in exactly the same spot in each bed, which is the same shape as the bed across from it, though the plantings are different.

Bougainvillea surrounding entrance gateHow odd this entrance would feel, if the bougainvillea was only on one side of the gate.  As it exists, it forces one to focus on the door, can’t get much more welcoming than this.

Simplicity evokes a sense of calm which today is a luxury, indecision makes people anxious.

A landscape which looks effortless and is easy on the eye comes from the carefully planned use of repetition and balance. Likewise, an overly complicated landscape is the result of poor planning and lack of restraint. Simple planting vs complicated windowboxesPlantings in the second window box have all the same bold impact, which makes one see one big blob. When a space starts looking indulgent, a little of this, a little of that, you’ve lost any feeling of luxury. Think of landscape like a child, do you want a spoiled brat or well mannered charmer? Simple, well planned landscaping is so delicious to walk through because it invites one to stop, look and enjoy.

simple driveway wallSimply using two different plants, though similar in color make this driveway uber chic and luxurious.simple modern landscapingSimple elements make this landscape luxurious. The pavers match the cement in the driveway which repeats on the siding color. The plantings repeat themselves and are similar in color, either green like the grass or matching the reddish/orange trim. Curves provide a balance, though are not equally prominent to the lines of the the architecture, the focal point of the property.

Making a landscape feel luxurious is easy and it does not have to be expensive. Truth is, employing these three tactics actually invites one to spend less, though you may need to think more.


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