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30 Minutes of Architect Richard Meier

My favorite architectRichard Meier is by far my favorite and most revered architect. His impact on me started in high school when my (now) husband and I snuck around the much talked about Douglas House, in Harbor Springs, Michigan where I grew up. Love at first site is all I can figure because ever since, I have been enamored with the simple white planes Mr. Meier molds into residential dwellings or as he says, “beauty molded by light.”

I’m not copying a bunch of photos for this post, visit richardmeier.com to view his amazing work, especially the residential projects. His homes are a study in shape. White is purposefully chosen as it is the best color to truly articulate the sculpture qualities of a building.

This video is of him and some esteemed Cornell classmates and faculty talking about his work.  If you like architecture, you’ll enjoy it.  Warning, he’s a cool guy – not the least bit pompous or arrogant.  It is worth the 30 minutes.

Years ago I did this colored pencil drawing for an art class of my amalgamation of Smith House and Douglas House.  Smith is for me and Douglas is both my grandfather’s and brother’s name. Douglas House is the first Meier house I ever saw.  We still make a pilgrimage there every time we are home. Yes, each time we go up north, we drive out on Shore Drive and slowly pass by the house.

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