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4 Items to Consider Before You Plunk Down Cash On A Sofa

Times have changed and while we may purchase things differently than our parents and grandparents, there is one lesson to come out of our recession: buy it once, buy it right.  Value and quality matters and you really do get what you pay for.  Photo via Flickr

An inexpensive sofa for a family room is not a wise investment.  But how does one make the right choice with so many options and price ranges available?  Here are for items to consider to help you make the right decision.

1.  Lifestyle. How to you like to live in your home?

  • Do you like to plump cushions (constant fluffing) or something which always looks perfect (tight back cushions)?
  • Do you like to sit upright or hang out in your furniture?
  • Are you carefree or type A personality?
  • Formal or Casual?
  • Pets and/or children?
  • Do you eat in a dining area or while sitting on your sofa?

2.  Pick materials to match lifestyleQuality materials and construction = durability.

  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames and quality cushion construction are a must for a daily use sofa.
  • Choose fabric depending on your needs (pets, children, food) and the durability you require.
  • Pick a color that suits your décor today not for six years from now.  Good furniture gets reupholstered to suit new decor.

3.  Buy to suit daily needs.  Sofa size is determined by how many people will sit on the sofa and how they sit.   How do people sit, do they lay, lounge, slouch, read, watch TV, eat, put their feet up?

4.  Measure your room.  What will fit in your room?  Sectionals cover a lot of space.  Two sofas are often more efficient.  Measure your doorway and stairway widths for ease of entry.  It is no fun when the delivery people can’t deliver your non-returnable sofa into your house.

Sofa Design Tips:

  • Soft and low arm heights are good for those who like to lay on a sofa and use the arm as a pillow.
  • Shorter seat depth is good for sitting upright and deeper is good for lounging.
  • Type of seat cushions (how squishy or how many) and back cushions (tight, loose or pillow) impact seating style and comfort.
  • Low sofas can give you a stiff neck watching TV depending on your TV height.
  • Hint: never buy a three cushion sofa for two people…nobody likes to sit in the crack.

Major furniture is not an impulse purchase, it can be but the results won’t be pleasurable.  Good furniture will last years.  A great sofa will be recovered and you’ll never need to part with it.  Working through these four items before you buy will lead you right to the right sofa.

If you need further assistance with getting the right furniture contact us at Interior Design Factory Ltd. where we are happy to help with any of your home decor needs.

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