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4 Tips to Achieve Great Wall Picture Groupings

This post came directly from an email “…I love the look of interesting items, photos, paintings displayed together on walls but have been unable to ever get the desired effect.  Not even sure if there are any “rules of thumb” for groupings or if you just have to have a great eye…” Here are four tips for arranging pictures or two-dimensional works of art on a wall.Theme – It always helps to group like items together.

  • Same artist
  • Black and white photos of one topic
  • Color photos of one topic
  • Same subject (cars, botanical, family, etc.)

    Awards grouped together rather than hung in a line.

Structure as One

  1. Lay the chosen pieces on the floor, preferably in front of the desired wall.
  2. Depending on the size of the pieces place them together with only a couple of inches between.
  3. Roughly measure your area and using painters tape, mask out the area on the wall to gauge the spacial use on the wall.
  4. Hang as one using your overall dimensions to determine the center point.  This is generally 60″ off the floor but can vary if it is over a piece of furniture.

Continuity – Picture frames in a group should be the same style and color. This is the secret to creating a picture wall of family photos.Balance – It is vital to match the size of the group to the scale of the area on the wall. In all the pictures shown here the artwork is in balance with the area on the wall and any related furniture items.Create fantastic picture walls or artwork groupings using theme, structure, continuity and balance.  There is not one set of perfect rules only guidelines.   Dorothy Draper had a great piece of advice on hanging pictures, “…test out different combinations until your sense of proportion and balance is satisfied.”

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5 Responses to 4 Tips to Achieve Great Wall Picture Groupings

  1. So many people find hanging pictures difficult. They are either too high, too low or just don’t coordinate with each other. Very well done.

  2. Thanks, it can be a tough one. I agree many are hung too high and too low.

  3. Jeanne Welch

    Thanks — this is exactly the kind of information I need! I am intimidated by the walls in my home and never confident about groupings. I needed some rules of thumb — so thanks!!

  4. This is so helpful! I have massive walls (really high ceilings), and am always trying to think about ways to configure pictures and paintings. Thank you for the tips 🙂

  5. Oh, I hear you on the high ceilings – they can be tough. Thanks for visiting. And thanks for putting me on a peanut butter kick… I’m trying your oatmeal tomorrow!


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