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5 Chandeliers To Transform A Dining Room

If your dining room is giving you fits it may just be the lighting not the decor.  The wrong chandelier can wreck a room in an instant.  Everything else can be perfect, the right color, beautiful furnishings, appropriate drapery and eeeek, there is a major unsightly issue hanging over the table.

Dining room chandeliers often get over looked (or undersized), we keep what was there or  just plain nudge it further and further down the list of items to deal with later.  A dining room chandelier is more than eye candy, it is how we complete the “outfit.”This dining room by Kevin Dumais is a great illustration of how a chandelier can finish the room.

Place your finger on the screen and eliminate the fixture, now notice on the left side how the wall doesn’t go to the ceiling, you might not have noticed this before.  The eye goes up and rambles along the top of the room looking for a place to land.   Without it the room doesn’t feel as cozy, the balance is off and focus wanders off the table and your guests.  On the other end of the spectrum a “look at me” chandelier could also take the attention away from the table.

Unless you are a disaster in the kitchen, the focus belongs at the table and on your lovely guests.

Here are 5 Chandeliers/Pendants for an instant dining room facelift.  It is up to you whether or not you tell. 🙂 This Torroja Cross Chandelier by David Weeks Studio waves a magic wand on the dining room above without getting in the way.

Happy lighting! Photos: Interiors Magazine, David Weeks Studio, Urban Electric, Holly Hunt, Lightology, and Global Lighting.

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