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5 New Wallpaper Artists Change How You Think About Wallpaper

Today’s wallpaper /wall coverings have lept into the modern age as digital printing offers designs which are bold, artesianal and graphic.  New technology allows wallcovering to transform an interior in a whole new way.  While visiting the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC, I stumbled into a wallpaper revival.

Home decorating begins a new chapter.

These are not your granny’s cabbage roses or pre-pubescent cowboy wallpapers.   The new wallpapers are colorful, creative works of art and not from your typical wallcovering companies.  Many also produce the same design in coordinating fabrics, so it isn’t just me who says repetition is good. 🙂



Big walls need big art, but big art can be pricey.  Wallpaper can provide the perfect solution.  Bloom Design has super wallpapers which are meant to be used in just this manner, as a mural.

ICFF NYC 2013  - Bloom PapersPriced by the square foot, you provide dimensions and they can print the design specifically to fit your location.


These next wall coverings are so whispy and etherial one might feel they are having a cosmic experience.

Eskayel WallcoveringRemenicent of the ease of a softly printed flannel, the fabric and wallpaper designs from Eskayel are like mottled watercolors. Brooklyn designer Shanan Campanaro creates enchanting bespoke wall coverings, fabrics, and ceramics, which are locally sourced and fabricated in the North Eastern United States.

Look closely…ICFF NYC 2013  - Double R Studiokinda looks like colored pencil doesn’t it?  While it may have started life in this form, this is wallpaperICFF NYC 2013  - Double R StudioAn exceptionally talented artist, Rosa Ruey, of  Double R Studio turns her exquisite drawings into wallpaper and fabric.  The finished designs resemble the view through a kaleidoscope.

Grow House Grow

One look at the work of illustrator Katie Deedy and you feel instantly transformed back into a children’s book from the early 20th century.  Not that her work is just for children, far from it, but the prints on her her wallpapers, fabric and cement tile have this old style whimsical flair.  Be sure to check out her website Grow House Grow because each print has a charming story. 


Morag Macpherson ICFF NYC 2013  - Morag MacphersonGood things come from Glasgow.  Today brings us a modern version of  Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Scottish Art Nouveau movement in the work of Morag Macpherson.  Fabric and wallpaper designs from Macpherson are a nod to the past as they transform the future in home decor.  This new classic begs to take up residence in the modern home.  Love, love, love!

Worried this new wallpaper might be a flash in the pan?  It isn’t.  Innovations were ripe at last year’s show too,  but this year the wallpaper offerings were even more amazing.  Wallpaper is having a new day, time to get on board.

Today’s wallpaper can be framed on a wall as a piece of art, designed as a mural or used to cover an entire room.  However you might choose, there is no more excuse for a house full of plain painted walls.  The only problem is how to choose… and make certain it works with everything else in the room. Lisa sig

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