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5 Simple Steps To Add Luxury To Your Home For Summer

Luxury for Home 5 stepsThe windows are open, guests waft in and out with the summer breeze as entertaining kicks into high gear.  Even if one isn’t expecting visitors, the renewed desire for having a beautiful home awakens in the summer months.   Here are five quick fixes to update your home decor for the warm weather with luxury touches which will not break the bank.

1.  A Magic carpet will provide a good base =  Seagrass Rug   Seagrass rug in entrance hall bt John B. MurrayVia John B. Murray Architect

Nothing quite screams summer like natural materials and seagrass is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in.  Seagrass has the power to make any room look better, it really is a magic carpet.  Plus they are inexpensive and quite durable.  seagrass rug in blue and white interiorVia Traditional Home

Imagine these same rooms with a big wooly or traditional oriental rugs, the rooms would still work but it would feel much heavier.  For summer time, out with the heavy rugs, swap them for seagrass.

2.  Sprinkle in some spice in the form of solid color ginger jar or other bulbous ceramic lamps. Spicy Colorful ceramic lampsSolid color ceramic lamps can be found online from oodles of shopping destinations.  The focus is simplicity and if you can, go for pairs.  Luxury is found in balance.

Onesies are for children not decorating. Ginger jar lamps in bedroom Custom color options like the lamp show above are available from Lamps Plus.

3.  Add water with art.  Seaside artwork from Mecox DallasInspire the illusion of seaside travel.  Swap out wall art and decorative accessories for items which reflect the sea.  Seaside paintings,  printed canvas, shells, sea colored glass – anything which evokes the feeling of a seaside escape.  Seaside artVia Art.com

The key is beauty and control, not color and haphazard.   Artwork which has the ability to transport the viewer emits a sense of exclusivity and abundance, key components of luxury.  Collections or groupings en masses are luxurious if the focus remains on simplicity.

4.  Simmer down, dial back the need to fill every space – when in doubt move it out.  aqua guest bathroom Via Architectural Digest

Affluence is an interior is exhibited through control.  Rooms need to breathe, which means allow upon entering a room, allow for eyes to rest and for the inhabitant’s body to relax.

  • only necessary furnishings
  • solid shapes and colors
  • display with regimental like order

Too much eye candy (cluttered shelves, tabletops, walls or rooms) or too many patterns, or too in-your-face is visual vomit, never attractive or luxurious.  An interior needs to beckon not grab a hold. 

5. Fresh is more. Fresh flowers in interiorNowadays fresh flowers are easily available and while not necessarily a luxury, fresh flowers exhibit a level of detail which can elevate any interior.  Dining Room - Interiors MagazineVia Interiors 

Single blooms can make an eye catching statement, as does a vase of one variety.  Orchids are the biggest bang for the buck, simple yet sculptural.  If kept moderately moist and out of direct sunlight an orchid plant can last for months.  A $30 orchid can lux up any room for pennies a day.   I’ve got some still blooming from 5 months ago!

The basic principals of injecting luxury into an interior are simplicity, balance and quiet.  Luxurious elements often are quite easy on the eye, not about more, more and more.  Water is one of the most peaceful elements found in nature, as a huge expanse it portrays abundance.  To make a home feel more luxurious, un-decorate.  Show some space, leave areas empty.  Resist the need to fill every shelve and every tabletop.  Space is the ultimate characteristic of luxury.


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3 Responses to 5 Simple Steps To Add Luxury To Your Home For Summer

  1. Wow. You dazzled me Thank you!

  2. Terri Davis

    A breathe of fresh air! Totally agree, do not have to break the bank to have the feel of luxury. Here in Florida, I always like to shake up the decor to create a sense of the seasons.

  3. Great to hear Terri that even in Florida, a place us northerners would consider all one season (sort of), you inject some seasonal decor into your home. It makes a difference in making a home inviting. 🙂

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