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5 Tips For Decorating Holiday Tables

A beautiful holiday table sets the scene for dining, letting guests know they are in for something special.  Whatever your style this is the season to add a little zip to your dining room decor.  A pretty table adds to the holiday memories.  Here are five tips to inspire your holiday table decor. Give your dining room a Cinderella moment.  Just like putting a on a party dress, adding slipcovers to dining chairs just for the holidays can change the whole flavor of the room.  Creating a theme for the table is a great opportunity to elevate the excitement as guests walk in.  Simple or outrageous, pick something which screams holiday and decorate your table completely in support of this theme.  Go glam with a sparkly tablecloth, lots of candles, elegant stemware and solid color tableware.  Maybe Christmas in the country is more your flavor with traditional Christmas colored plaids, lots of natural greenery and simple place settings.   This purple reindeer distinguishes this unusual color palate as a Christmas theme.  Pick a color scheme, your color scheme.  It doesn’t have to be the typical holiday colors.  Make it festive and make it obvious.Splurge on festive floral designs to emphasize the enchanting nature of the holiday. Yes, this the one time to get out the good stuff.  The dishes way in the back of the cupboard which remain unused due to the metal trim which requires hand-washing, these are ones to use.  Or it could be the wedding china and mixing in some delicate family heirloom pieces.  Same can be said for the silver too, haul it out – it is time to go all fancy.

Happy Decorating!

Photos: Wohn Idee, PizzazzerieHouse to Home, Pinterest via Che Za Ray Photography, and Pinterest

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