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7 Pitfalls To A Successful Interior Design Project

Interior design dreams begin with a vision, a snippet of an idea which when executed well provide a beautiful solution to an interior problem.

Palm Beach ShowhouseWe’ve all walked into those interiors where you instantly go, “OMG I would have never thought of that,”  and ooze about how cool it could look in our own home.  We pull out our phone, take a few snaps determined to recreate this spectacular vision.  But… reality gives us something different.

Naples PenthouseOf course the best answer to the question of how to get the interior of your dreams it to hire me.  What?  I gotta promote myself once in a while. 🙂  Yep, this is pic is from an awesome project I worked on.

Anyways, people often approach an interior designer after having tried to do it themselves and they just can’t get the same zing they have in their mind’s eye.  The remodeling project or new furniture just seems to fall short.  Why?  In part, one, if not all of the following seven things occur each and every time.7 Pitfalls to a Successful Interior Design ProjectFull disclosure, these can happen when an interior designer is involved too.  If someone insists on their best buddy the contractor, who may not have the right skill set for the job… well you know how this plays out.  Unfortunately it is a rare moment when one of these are not a roadblock which needs to be overcome.

A common pitfall is the person who has to ask everyone their opinion.  Seriously, how is the opinion of the cable guy on your new wall color relevant in the interior in your home?  Yep, this really happened.

The real hide chapper of these is the unrealistic time schedule.  Even getting new wallpaper for the bedroom will likely take longer than one expects.  Maybe the right contractor is booked, or the chosen wallpaper is on backorder.  This new “I want it when I want it attitude” sinks a lot of design dreams like the Titanic.

It is safe bet every one of the gorgeous interiors you have pinned or ripped from your favorite design magazine started with a plan, lots of research and getting everything else lined up.   Interior design is not plug and play, however if you are mindful of these seven pitfalls you can achieve interior design success. Lisa signature


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2 Responses to 7 Pitfalls To A Successful Interior Design Project

  1. you are so right about this… and I have worked with the type who has to ask everybody 🙂

  2. Oh, those can be so fun… falls right in line with the can’t make a decision sector. But I have that issue too, the trick is to realize there will always be something new or better. Decorate and move on. 🙂

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