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9 Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Know Before You Buy

Kitchen cabinets are courting big changes.  The kitchen you have in ten years will likely look quite different than the kitchen you have today.  If you are on the cusp of a kitchen remodel stop!  Kitchen cabinets are changing in ways you can implement now. Flat and textured cabinetsShaker style cabinet frontCabinet Face – The trend is towards more flat or textured panels.  No fancy moldings or endless dimensional changes… a.k.a. dust and drip catchers.  Regardless if your home style is modern, traditional, transitional or contemporary – kitchen cabinetry is focusing of simplicity.  Singular plane or the tried and true shaker style keep a kitchen fresh. Miele Generation 6000 Appliances in KitchenIntegrated – More and more appliances will be flush mounted with the cabinets providing a long clean lines.

Frame-less – Maximize storage space and options with frame-less rather than framed cabinet designs.  Multi color kitchen cabinets Drawers –  I oozed about this trend previously.  Drawers are the way of the future and a plus in kitchens for those who are aging in place.

dark wood kitchen cabinets

Light wood kitchen cabinets Wood – Go for natural colors when it comes to woods.  Whether light or dark allow the natural grain and wood color to come through.  Stained cherry is dead as is the over use of espresso brown (so millennial).  Think soft and comfortable.

Blue and white kitchen cabinets Color – Color in the kitchen is wonderful!  Yes, you can have red, yellow, blue, pink or green cabinets.  Don’t let the Debbie Downer on your shoulder tell you not to.  Can it be done in a non-trendy way, absolutely.   Choose a color which coordinates with your home and attached areas, if it is stunning it’ll work.Natural wood, white and green kitchen cabinetsPersonality – The one stop all-one-color-cabinet kitchen is not your only choice.  Go ahead and mix materials and textures.  Embrace mixing cabinet faces: wood, glass and color is the way to go.  Mixing materials gives the kitchen interest.Interesting kitchen shelves in color616_306_tio_A01

Display – Kitchens don’t need to be a room of big plain boxes, mix it up with shelving and open spaces.  Display areas are another element which gives a kitchen personality.Lighting – Inside the drawers, doors, and pantry cabinets; under the counter; and under the toekick, general or ambient lighting is a necessary element especially in an aging kitchen.

LED lit interior cabinet shelves

Regardless of the era or architecture of a home, the kitchen needs to look clean and up to date, not old and dingy.Lisa sigPhotos: 1,2, 7 & 11 mine, 3 via Miele, and 4-6, 9 & 10 via Rational

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