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A BLANCO SteelArt Sink: When Quality Matters In The Kitchen

Blanco When Quality MattersStainless steel is one of the most popular materials used in a kitchen especially for faucets and sinks.  But not all stainless steel is created equal.  Quality stainless steel matters in the kitchen which makes a BLANCO SteelArt® sink a superior choice. Blanco Attika sinkWith handcrafted details and sculptural qualities, the BLANCO ATTIKA* has won three international design honors including a “Best of the Best” Interior Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award and iF Product Design Award and is only one of the exquisite sinks produced by SteelArt®

Having had both less expensive and pricey stainless steel sinks from other manufacturers, there is a difference, a BIG difference.

Quality matters, big time.  Handwork at Blanco SteelArt plantSteelArt® is the division of BLANCO responsible for their impeccable stainless steel craftsmanship.  Here is what sets them apart from their competition:

  1. Each SteelArt® sink is made of one piece of premium high-grade stainless steel, the highest quality in the industry.
  2. Consistant and luxurious SATIN POLISHED FINISH is exclusively MADE IN GERMANY.
  3. BLANCO crafts the SMOOTHEST, most HYGIENIC, and EASIEST-to-clean stainless steel surface available today.
  4. All surfaces lead towards the drain, whether obvious or not.
  5. It takes 30 artisans and 48 steps to make one SteelArt® sink. 
  6. After a rigorous learning curve, only 1 in 10 welders are skilled enough to craft a SteelArt® sink.

Blanco Culina faucet and Attika sinkHere is the Attika sink and the popular Culina faucet, a perfect pair for the most active kitchen.

The Rolls-Royce grille above is no accident, this is because BLANCO is the company who’s quality standards are high enough to be chosen by Rolls-Royce to manufacture their grilles since 2010.  BLANCO is the company trusted by Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce for stainless steel work included on their automobiles.

Quality matters in a daily use performance item such as a kitchen sink.  BLANCO meets the high standards of some of the world’s most luxurious and engineering driven automotive companies.  There is no doubt when quality matters, BLANCO will meet the challenge in your kitchen.

*Blanco has partnered with DIFFA to make a donation whenever the Attika sink is specified/purchased.


Disclosure:  The point of view expressed above is my own.  Our trip to Venice and Milan with BlogTour Milan was possible by the generous sponsorship provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association(NKBA), BLANCO AmericaGessi CompanyClever Storage by KesseboehmerDekton by Cosentino, and Modenus.

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2 Responses to A BLANCO SteelArt Sink: When Quality Matters In The Kitchen

  1. I was wondering what the Rolls Royce connection was, how interesting. I love the stainless look in a kitchen. Now Im loving it even more after being reminded of how awesome the Blanco products are. Great post.

  2. Yeah, that Rolls-Royce connection is as good as an approval stamp for me. If it is good enough for a luxury automaker I can be certain the quality will mean my standards. 🙂

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