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A Home Interior Should Showcase Your Good Side

A home interior should showcase your good sideHome decor is personal, a home’s interior design should reflect this. A great interior offers a lovely layered depiction of who lives there. How one decorates the walls, table tops, bookcases, colors and even furniture arrangements all create a picture of the inhabitants. Decorate the public spaces your home to show your good side, not showcase your bad side. Here is how to decorate your home to be about you.

Your home your showcaseWhat is the good side? The wonderful personality traits and interest which make up you or our family. If you are quirky and colorful, show this in furnishings and artwork. If you are very conservative or appreciate history, antiques and uniformity will speak to this. If the eyes are the window to the soul, the home interior is a billboard to one’s personality.

Heritage & InterestsColors and decorative objects offer a glimpse of your background and interests which may not come up in normal conversation, though these can speak to who you really are. Personality not perfectionA home shouldn’t look like a photo shoot or catalog, it needs to be infected with the homeowner’s identity.  Rooms we see in print and for advertising are often staged to showcase very little personality with no sign of real life, the coffee table or countertop is artfully arranged as if no one is home. We aren’t advocating cutter, but allow your home to be real. Your home is about you! Your personalityDecorate thoughtfully, even if you are striving for a certain look or style, a room can be about you and what makes you unique. Show your sense of humor, your interest in the bold or unusual. Books, collections, family photos (limited use), artwork, furnishing, lighting and color should all reflect who lives there.

Be uniqueIt is perfectly okay to be a bit fearless, not tacky, but fearless. If a texture or element really speaks to who you are, let yourself of your designer harness some creative ingenuity and use it.

What are the bad sides of a personality one doesn’t want to put on display? Anything where the end result is not a flattering reflection. Here are some decorating elements to avoid due to the messages they send to the outside observer. These are meant to be a bit tongue and cheek, but they have roots in reality:

  • Mirrors in every room = vanity issues
  • Designer labels in abundance = insecure
  • Extensive crucifix collection = sinner
  • Family photo collections in every room = impersonal and self-focused
  • Looks like a home decor catalog = zero personality
  • No books = no depth
  • Too perfect or too decorated = an absolute bore
  • Messy and unorganized = people pleaser

This is not a suggestion to be phony, just the opposite.  Let your home decor showcase the wonderful elements of your personality.


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