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ABC’s Of Decorating The Baby’s Room

Oooh, how exciting you’ve got a new little one on the way.  Decorating the nursery can be an enjoyable accomplishment during the nine months of waiting for your bundle of joy to make an entrance.   Photo courtesy of Lucy and Company

Baby rooms or nurseries can be a confection of inspiration offering a soothing environment for parent and child.  To make decorating the baby’s room simple we’ve narrowed it down to the ABC’s. Less is more plays a big role in the nursery.  One or two decorative accessories are enough.  A recent new mom summed this up well, “I realized I don’t have to put up everything someone gave me.Here we started with the whales.  My client likes crisp, clear colors.  She initially fell in love with this wallpaper knowing they could live with it for at least 4-5 years.  We knew blue, soft gray and white as a base color scheme could be amended down the road with hot pink, orange, red, or other colors whether it was a girl or boy.  It was a boy, and in came the bedding to drive some boy-like colors, which led us to the blue and green drapery.Photo via Little Crown Interiors Photo via Carousel Designs

Nurseries should be warm, inviting, cozy and welcoming just like a mother’s arms.  To achieve this goal avoid creating the typical dens of overblown clutter.  Too much visual eye candy can make one feel anxious, not what any new mother wants or needs.

  • Decorate the nursery for you.
  • Select colors which make you feel good.
  • Pick furniture and storage which fits you and fulfills your needs.

It will be about them soon enough, take this chance to indulge yourself.  The key to a great interior is when one strives to be distinctive, not another “me too.”  Make the nursery a beautiful and inspiring room to wrap your little one in a great big comforting hug.  Start with your ABC’s. 🙂

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2 Responses to ABC’s Of Decorating The Baby’s Room

  1. So nice to see that nursery’s don’t have to be just pink and blue.

  2. Very nice! V and I just finished painting our nursery. Soft blue and a bright yellow. There’s a sort of complementary tension in the room, and we love it. Definitely want to keep it simple; a crib, dresser, and rocking chair are pretty much it.

    Nowhere near as posh as the examples above, but I can see many similarities. (Which feels good.)

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