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Add A Pop Of Color

“Just add a pop of color,” is not just another interior designer catchphrase.  Think of a “pop” as an exclamation point.  The purpose is to use a color with emphasis.  When you see it, you can’t miss it.  However, it does not whack you over the head when you enter a room, it captures your attention, pulls you in. Living room by Susan Zises GreenA pop of color can be as simple as placing an aqua throw and matching pillows on a khaki sofa,  DSCN1161or these artfully placed bowls of fruit on a kitchen countertop.  Notice how the blue glass bowls and lemons really stand out.  DSCN3145Matchy matchy can become boring without an injection of a pop of an unpredicted color. Pink Silestone shower floorArtful placement of this pop of color is more challenging and can be quite unexpected, but this is when it really gets fun.  Imagine how cool this pink shower floor would look in an all white bathroom.     Speaking of bathrooms, adding a shot of yellow and green engages your eye and gives the room interest. DSCN2843Colored vent hoods are textbook examples of a pop of color, a happy unexpected surprise.  By now you may be aware of my new obsession with good looking kitchen ventilation, but if you want more click here.   Hermes boxes (800x659)When in doubt, those orange boxes will do. 🙂

There are many times when the decorating in a room can start to feel redundant.  This is when using a pop of color can make a huge difference between ho-hum and wow.  Take a look at your interiors, do they need a little oomph?  Where can you use a pop of color?Lisa sig

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3 Responses to Add A Pop Of Color

  1. Merri Cvetan

    You are so right. A pop of color can make the design a true success. I strongly discourage my clients to never buy sets of anything! Nothing worse than a “suite” of furniture or bedding, drapery and towels from the same company!

  2. Ack, eek, blah – are the only words I can come up with for “suite”. Coordinated, yes. Matchy matchy – to generic. However, I do like my towels to match at least by size, not necessarily the w/c, hand and bath but they do need to coordinate. Thanks for the great comment!


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