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Agraria Has Go To Gifts For The Holiday Season

Agraria Candles and Scented productsNovember is here, the holidays are going to be upon us before we know it.  Time to stock the gift closet with easy go-to gifts suitable for any occasion.  One of our favorite go to gifts are candles and soaps in sophisticated scents from Agraria San Francisco.

What makes Agraria scented products tops on our list is they have wonderful subtle aromas.  (Oh how I detest those eye-watering “stinky candle store” scents which occupy all the oxygen in the immediate vicinity.)  Cough, cough, men especially hate a scent which is overly potent.

Agraria products are understated and quiet, they serve as a back drop in a room.  This makes Agraria scents the perfect gift for any occasion. Balsam Candle from AgrariaThe small Crystal Cane votive (above) with its silver plated top makes for a beautiful gift, you don’t even need to wrap them the packaging is so nice.

Can I give you an even more compelling reason to give Agraria candles?  These are luxury candles which burn all the way down.  Nobody likes waste and or leaving  1/4 to 1/3 of the candle still in the jar once the wick is burned out on a $30 -$50+ candle!

Two scents which are particularly popular in this season are Balsam and Bitter Orange.  With just the right amount of familiarity both of these scents are sure to please even the most discerning hostess or gift recipient.  Both of the fragrances come in numerous options but our favorites are the candles and luxury bath bars.  Agraria has the go to gifts for your holiday season.


Disclosure: All opinions expressed are our own, Agraria San Francisco did provide us with samples for review.

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