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All Things Ferrari – Live From The Cavallino Classic


Ferrari Cavallino Classic

Here we are, it is Saturday morning, the dew heavy as millions of dollars of automotive sculpture rolls onto the lawn of  The Breakers in Palm Beach for the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 22, and I am right in the middle of it with my camera. 20130125-074332.jpg  If I could figure out how to do a live blog post I would.  If you want to  get the live experience, follow me throughout the day on Twitter @TheDecorGirl  or THEDECORGIRL on Instagram.  I’ll offer up some spectacular automotive eye candy.  Tomorrow I’ll be at Mar-A-Lago for Classic Sports Sunday to capture the featured Rolls Royce automobiles plus more Ferrari action.  I’ll have the full recap of  the entire weekend next Saturday.


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2 Responses to All Things Ferrari – Live From The Cavallino Classic

  1. A live blog…

    The semi-easiest is to snap picture, tweet with hashtag & then have an API post those on a page. To save forever then copy & paste the tweets & there you go

    There are also specialty programs out there to do this (i.e. no 140 char limitation) that are used for conferences, races, etc… – generally this goes out on a specialty “live” page & then the transcript is posted elsewhere later

  2. Hmmm, have to get into this further. Thanks Sean!


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