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April Is Time To Plan For Outdoor Decor

The calendar says it is spring, but I see snowflakes outside my window.  This month on the blog our focus will be on decoration and design for seasonal living.  April is a good month to get  inspired and plan those fabulous areas, both inside and out, for optimal seasonal living.

To get you in the right frame of mind I’ve got two beautiful inspiration rooms to encourage you.  Kelley Interior Design OAP-DC-Here is a modern twist to a seasonal open air porch.  Black and white can go outdoors too.   I enjoy how designer Kelly Proxmire didn’t use the typical outdoor colors but stayed true to the flavor of the interior of the home.BHG outdoor roomNow we are talking full on outdoor room in garden colors.  Makes you just wanna climb up, sit down and start sipping.  🙂

Indoor/outdoor rooms, porches, decks, patios and every other incarnation of a space meant to take in the beauty of nature has come a long way from just pulling out the aluminum patio furniture every year.  These are rooms, even if they don’t have any walls.  We design them just like any interior space.  First we determine the purpose: lounging, eating, or entertaining.  Next we come up with a color scheme and begin filling the space with the needed elements.

For the month of April we will talk outdoor rooms, porch decor, garden gizmos, outdoor furnishings and how to burst into spring with quick fixes and easy updates for the front door.   Plus a lot of other fun spring interior and exterior pick-me-ups.  Happy Spring!!!

Lisa sigPhotos: Kelley Interior Design and Better Homes & Gardens


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