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Are You Guilty Of The #1 Homeowner Mistake?

Are you guilty of the #1 homeowner mistake?Building a new house or moving into an exciting home is so much fun, full or promise and opportunity. The possibility of making a house into a home can sometimes get lost amongst the paint colors, flooring and furniture selections.  Time and time again one glaring item stands out, especially in new neighborhoods (developments), lets call it a missed opportunity to personalize a home and take it beyond ordinary… the built-in.

built in media cabinetBuilt-in bookshelves, cabinetry, niches, seating, storage areas are all elements which transform a home from ho-hum to wow.  Certain architectural styles lend themselves to built-ins, craftsman, prarie or shingle styles because we’ve seen it before and accept it.  However, built-ins are completely appropriate and necessary in any home .

Banquette built inFunctionality – Built-in furniture can make a space function better.  This is especially true in the smaller rooms such as a kitchen where space is at a premium, a banquette is a huge space saver.  Architect Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated lots of built-in furniture to his homes as a way of making a room feel larger.Built-in deskUnderneath stairs are a great spot to make use of otherwise wasted space. On the second floor with sloped ceilings which have short walls, these are perfect spots to build in a set of drawers.  I’ve even seen a washer and dryer built into the otherwise useless space.

Built-in display spotsBalance – Big two story walls need something to make the room comfortable or at the very least some sort of architecture which brings the room down to human scale.  Nobody can really see a painting 12 ft up in the air, built-ins help one fill the space wisely.  Fireplaces can rarely stand alone without looking naked, this is why in the we so often see them surrounded by some sort of bookcases and cabinetry.

Kid's built in bedPersonality – Built-ins make a home or room truly unique and unlike every other house on the block. For kids built-ins are a great way infuse their room with personality and make it functional. Built-in beds are their little cocoon.

The biggest arguments against built-ins are cost and having to leave them behind. Built-ins can often cost less than the furniture one might buy to use in the same spot but the major plus is built-ins add value to a home.  They are not a sunk cost, which is why one doesn’t need to take it them.  Built-ins are a top improvement buyers love when it comes to selling your home.  When comparing like homes, buyers have been known to choose the home with the built-ins.

For more built-in inspiration check out our Pinterest Board.

At its very basic a house is architecture, a space full of boxes which make up interior rooms, don’t fall victim of making the mistake many homeowners do, incorporate built-ins to give your home soul.


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