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Are You Making This Huge Decorating Mistake?

Let’s start kick off this month with a big decorating mistake people often make.  Lisa by Courtney M. PriceIs your interior doing what it is supposed to?  Nine times out of ten, years of haphazard decorating leads to interior failure, not necessarily ugly but just a room which isn’t quite working because it has veered off the path of being purposeful.

When one enters a room it needs to do two things:

  • set a mood
  • encourage the mood

Purpose equates to the mood and the decorating needs to support this.  

Look around, what is your room saying to you?  Think about it.  If you are in your favorite reading chair in your living room, think about the purpose(s) of the room; relaxing, conversation, entertaining and maybe watching TV.

One never fail test your room’s purpose and mood are not in alignment is if you are one of those who is always searching for one more thing “to make the room right or work.”  One more trip to the store or online shopping for a throw pillow or accessory isn’t gonna do it.   Retailers encourage this, it isn’t your fault. 😉

Don’t worry this is more common sense than design rocket science.  Nursery MoodNurseries get messed up all the time out of pure excitement of a new baby.  We exuberantly over decorate and completely forget about the purpose of the room and the poor little one trying to grow into this new world.

Over Decorating = Over Stimulating 

Living rooms can fall into the same trap though what can happen here is the room becomes a depository for hand-me-down uncomfortable or inappropriate furniture.  Nothing wrong with heirlooms, if they work.  Living Room MoodThis living room has comfortable seating, provocative artwork and the easy stack of books in the corner promotes a feeling of “you’re okay not to be perfect.”  Kitchen Mood“Come on in and sit down” is the mantra for this lovely kitchen.  The expectation is set, good things come from this room.

Kitchens are tough when they should be easy, after all they are (should be) full purposeful appliances.  However, the mood can become forgotten.  All of a sudden a kitchen is ruined by cluttering up the counters with seldom used gadgetry.  Gone is the clean, easy, nourishing feeling to inspire both the cook and those there for sustenance.

Guilty.  I recently decided to ban the stand mixer and juicer to the pantry rather than let these non-daily use items clutter my kitchen counters.  By removing the visual interference I am inspired to cook and keep everything neat as a pin.

Stop and look around.  Do the furnishings, finishes, fabrics, lighting and colors all support what you see as the mood of the room?


Lisa photo via Courtney M. Price and kitchen photo via In Detail Interiors

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6 Responses to Are You Making This Huge Decorating Mistake?

  1. You know what’s funny? This sort of thing does not get discussed in design school… seems so obvious yet…

  2. Great post, Lisa! I especially liked your insight to the purpose of a nursery.

  3. First, I love your photo. 🙂 Second, great tips, especially in the kitchen. I’m more likely to want to cook and deal with clean-up when there’s less clutter.

  4. Thank you Nicole. Don’t you just cringe when you walk into a cluttered messy kitchen, especially if you are visiting someone? We can’t help but make snap judgments but a messy, unclean, or complicated kitchen offers up the feeling, “will I live through eating here.”

  5. Thank you Terri. I should do a post, How Not To Mess Up Your Child From Day 1. Too much eye candy or colors in a nursery is not a good thing. This includes toys and cutesy things which in reality are only for the adult. 🙂

  6. Ohh, now there is a list / post to curate: what they don’t teach in design school but you need to know. 🙂

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