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Are You Using Enough C-Words In Your Home?

The rooms we live in speak a language beyond home decor.  The parts and pieces we use in decorating create a dialogue.  In an interior even without thinking about it we wish to say something: welcome, be comfortable, relax, or enjoy.  While everyone may choose a different home decor style and have different tastes our rooms need to speak with clarity, no mincing words. Marika Meyers Interiors

Four C-Words Every Room Needs

COMPOSITIONThoreau quote

Furniture, accessories, fabrics and finishes need to be placed in a room, any room purposefully.  The room above was a achieved through careful thought and intent.  The room gets balance from pairs.  The artwork is planned.  Even the bookshelves and coffee table have order.  There are physical highs and lows for your eye to follow around the room.  The sofas are the welcoming center point and placed to invite conversation rather than shoved to far walls.  This room is composed, like an artist would create a composition for a photo or a painting.   YOU CAN DO THIS!

COLORMarika Meyer InteriorPhotos: Interiors Magazine

Matisse Quote

Where do the colors come from?  They were purposely selected from the painting over the fireplace, the focal point and color key for the room.  The colors and fabrics are mixed in a harmonious fashion and reflect the owners sensibility in their use.  There is no formula, but the more defined colors are limited for a reason.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

 CLASSICSChanel quote

Notice the shield-back chair.  This is a classic, yet with everything else it becomes sculpture and because it is a recognizable form, this creates comfort.  The color is unlike the other furnishings and there is one rather than a pair which adds interest to the composition. 

Classics are pieces we have come to recognize and are special because they work and are not trying too hard.  A living room is a living room, one need not waste time trying to innovate what a living room does.   YOU CAN DO THIS!

CURATIONLisa Smith quoteItems on bookcase

  1. Antique softball from early 1900’s used by grandfather
  2. Collection of Frank Lloyd Wright books from a visit to Taliesin West
  3. Old architecture and design books from same grandfather
  4. Intimately detailed model of classic Bugatti
  5. Lalique fish

Obviously you can tell who’s bookshelf this is… mine.  Which is exactly the point.  Interiors demand personality, yours, not a replication of a magazine or catalogue.  The pieces one puts in their home need to deliver a picture of themselves which requires a curatorial approach.  Decoration, good decoration, which inspires comfort in anyone who enters is created with meaningful objects.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Look again at this last picture.  Everything is in there, all the good C-words: composition, color, classics and curation.


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5 Responses to Are You Using Enough C-Words In Your Home?

  1. Good food for thought. I have always loved that contemporary shield back chair.

  2. There are so many valuable nuggets in this post!

    Every now and then I’ll try and ask a designer for a little insight about how they work their magic, and rarely is the response as informative as your words here.

    Love your point on classics: a living room is a living room.

  3. Thank you for stopping by Chris. 🙂

  4. Composition, color, classics and curation: These are my favorite C-words! There are only a few missing, but it’s safe to say they all revolve around the word “carats.” (Had you scared for a moment there, but the four letter c-word is one you’ll never hear me say.)

    Interiors do demand the homeowner’s personality. I like it when the space reflects them and not their designer. Nice post!

  5. Thank you Kathy, you know us girls with questionable language have to stick together.

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