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Artsy Fartsy Friday – The Roadmap

Color has life, it portrays life.  I once heard something about dreams only occurring in black and white.  WTF?  Not in my world.  Sometimes I dream works of art in excruciatingly vivid color.  My head is full of crystal clear colors which often get translated to canvas.

This acrylic painting is from my Roadmap Series which I dabble in from time to time and not shown on my website.

Roadmap Series – #2

Color, liquid and light all manipulated with the underlying texture.  With many coats of background paint over crumpled tissue paper (recycled from retail therapy) I allow each mix of color to move freely over the canvas which is adjusted by 45 – 180 degrees.  The viscosity of each color is different to influence the speed of color movement which accounts for the imprint left behind.

Each color represents the different people which enter our lives and shift our path or thoughts in different directions.  Some people make a big splash, others are just filler and others totally mess with our direction.  It is this process of amalgamation which makes us who we are.

a bit closer…

But if you really want to get inside my head, I would also call this an abstract landscape from the bird’s-eye view.  I am endlessly fascinated with the view of the country from an airplane.  The changes in terrain and environmental elements create such interesting topography which when combined with roads create interesting patterns.

…and even closer

These are something I love to paint outdoors in the summer because I can take advantage of the heat from the sun for quick drying!  Plus they leave a puddly mess which my cats (when indoors) find intriguing to walk through and track paint about, working outdoors avoids lime green tails.  So if you need a modern and contemporary piece of wall art for a large space, now it the time to let me know!  I work with any color but ugly.

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