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Automotive Details From Pebble Beach Concours

Do we over glamorize previous eras or are we drawn to earlier times for a reason?  I just love the detailing on vintage automobiles, the hand-tooling, the customization, the craftsmanship and knowing these items aren’t made the same today.  Not everything was hand done but there is an element of pride oozing from many of the design details.  Maybe it is just globalization and mass production has “dummbed down” the details for both economic and esthetic reasons.  Here are a few from the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance which caught my eye.

Bentley Flying B Drivers personal windshield on a 1914 Stutz Series E Bearcat. Hand hammered door handle and real Wedgwood Jasperware on a door pull in a 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II Brewster Croydon Yes, this is real wood on the 1915 Mercedes 28-60 HP Tourer Summer Body Open Torpedo, read more here. 1937 Railton Rippon Brothers Special Limousine A 1910 Daimler 57 Hooper Limousine made for King George V sports hand-stitched leather fenders and what looked like a horsehair.

Do you have any favorite vintage automotive details?

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