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Awesome Cars From Ferrari Concours at 2017 Pebble Beach

Awesome Cars From Ferrari Concours at 2017 Pebble BeachThe 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance hosted a special treat in honor of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, their own concours. Tucked back onto the first fairway, seventy amazing Ferraris held court. From old to new, race cars to street cars, it was a walk through unprecedented horsepower history.

Anniversary Collection 2017 La Ferrari Aperta 70This special one-off LaFerrari Aperta was made especially for the anniversary collection.

Special 2017 Ferrari F 12 BerlinettaThis 2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is part of Ferrari’s 70 Anniversary Collection to commemorate iconic cars and their liveries from days gone by. Here the F12 gives a nod to a 1960 250 GT SWB.

2017 Ferrari 488 Spider2017 Ferrari 488 Spider – as inspired by the 1967 Dino 206 Competizione.

One off 2016 Ferrari SP275RW2016 Ferrari SP275RW  – A one of a kind 275 created on a F12 platform but clearly inspired by the legendary 275 design details.

2015 Ferrari Sergio2015 Ferrari Sergio – Though one of six, it is still a special projects and as it is tailor made to the owner’s specifications, another one of a kind, at least in color and styling.

2014 Ferrari F60 America2014 Ferrari F60 America interior2014 Ferrari F60 America – It is slightly confusing when one goes to add up the numbers, the F60 was made to honor the 60th anniversary of Ferrari. How do we go from 60th in 2014 to 70th in 2017? It is for the 60th anniversary of Ferrari in North America. Based on the F12 Berlinetta it is painted to honor the NART (North American Racing Team) Only 10 were made and all spoken for.

Be warned this anniversary stuff gets confusing…

2006 Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione2006 Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione – Possibly one of the sexiest cars on the planet, the FXX is both rare and elusive as only a handful of these track only machines were built.

1997 Ferrari F3101997 Ferrari F310B

Yes, that’s me posting to Instagram during the show, my husband took this photo.

1995 Ferrari F501995 Ferrari F50 – At the time, in honor of Ferrari’s 50th anniversary, the F50 was described as the closest thing one could get to an F1 car on public roadways.

Ferrari F401990 Ferrari F40 – Built from 1987 – 1992 it was introduced as a successor to the 288 GTO in honor of the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and was the last car approved by Enzo himself. Apparently it was so well received the original 400 planned production was increased and they eventually built a total of 1,311.

1983 Ferrari 288 GTO1983 Ferrari 288 GTO

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB LWB1966 Ferrari 275 GTB LWB

The Ferrari GTO in Swedish livery1962 250 GTO 3445 – One of the most beautiful and most photographed GTOs due to its stunning blue and yellow Swedish livery, this popular GTO is well maintained and well driven.

1955 Ferrari 250 GT1955 Ferrari 250 GT – This elegant 250 is one of four produced by Pinin Farina and one of ten of the first 250 GTs produced.

1954 Ferrari 250 Monza1954 Ferrari 250 Monza – Only four examples of the 250 Monza were made, two with Scaglietti bodies and two with Pininfarina designs. The 250 Testa Rossa of similar design proved much more popular and successful as a race car.

1953 Ferrari 212 Europa PF Inter1953 Ferrari 212 Europa PF Inter – Originally introduced as an auto show car, the 212 Europa is some of Pinin Farina’s best design work. Only 100 212s were built, Export stood for the competition model and Inter for street cars.

A number of one-off special 2017 editions were on hand as well as examples of the most important classic Ferraris. Let’s just forget the 1970s shall we? The history of Ferrari is built on the back of success at the race track. Without wins, Ferrari would not exist as it does today with fans and collectors from every corner of the earth. This unique stand alone Ferrari concours as part of the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours Sunday was yet another win for Ferrari.

There were also four special Ferrari classes on the 18th fairway as part of the regular Concours d’Elegance. We’ll get to those at a later date. 🙂


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